Testimonials from Santa Rosa Residents Opposing Measure C

"Apartments are completely full. Measure C does not provide any affordable housing. Measure C does not help students in our community."

- Fernanda Hernandez, Santa Rosa Resident and SRJC Student

"Keeping our neighborhoods safe is always my top priority when making policy decisions. The ‘just cause’ eviction policy in Measure C could put residents’ safety at risk, and is too extreme for Santa Rosa – that’s one of the many reasons why I’m voting ‘No’ on Measure C.”

- Tom Schwedhelm, Santa Rosa City Councilmember and Santa Rosa Police Chief (Ret.)

"We are current renters, and live on a fixed income. We can use the help, but Measure C does not help people like us."
- Lloyd Berger & Peggy Nielsen, Santa Rosa Seniors on a Fixed Income

"I have been homeless for several years. There is no affordable housing in Santa Rosa and Measure C will make things a lot worse."
- Vincent Oldendorf, Homeless Santa Rosa Resident

"We live in an apartment complex where there have been criminals evicted; Measure C makes it more difficult to evict problem tenants. Measure C does not help us."
- Carlos Campos Ramirez & Sofia Valentina Chavez, Santa Rosa Apartment Renters

"Measure C is seriously flawed and will only make housing matters worse. While it would control 20% of housing units in Santa Rosa, it would put pressure on the remaining rental units not subject to this unfair Measure. For these reasons and more, I oppose Measure C.”

- John Sawyer, Santa Rosa City Councilmember and Former Mayor

"Measure C is a deeply-flawed initiative that seeks to create a whole new bureaucracy at City Hall. Instead of creating new problems, city officials should be focused on fixing things that are already wrong, particularly by addressing the lack of affordable housing in our city.”

- Donna Born, Santa Rosa's 1st Ever Female Mayor

"I grew up in Santa Rosa, have studied this issue, and as an economist think this is not good for Santa Rosa. Rents will rise and cause more harm than good."
- Robert Eyler, President, Economic Forensics and Analytics

“Measure C costs too much, fails to address our homelessness crisis and is bad for our community's safety.  As a Santa Rosa renter, I urge you to join me and vote 'No' on Measure C!”
- Cecilia Rosas, Santa Rosa Renter and Small Business Owner

"Measure C is a flawed and short-sighted policy to our rental housing crisis. Our elected leaders need to work towards increasing affordable housing stock to ensure lasting relief to this critical quality-of-life issue. Measure C is not the right solution to resolve our housing crisis.”

- Mark Ihde, Sonoma County Sheriff (Ret.) and Non-Profit Executive

"Paying for rent is already difficult enough. Measure C will not lower our rent and does not provide any affordable housing."
- Charlotte & Ray Boccaleoni, Single-Family Home Renters and Santa Rosa Residents

"Measure C does not address our rental housing crisis. It would make it harder for our most vulnerable, as evidenced in the municipalities of San Francisco, New York and others that have rent control in place and still lack affordable housing.”

- Mike Martini, Former Santa Rosa Mayor

"Measure C does not address the problem we all recognize: a housing affordability crisis. Low-income seniors and families need help, but Measure C could ultimately make finding affordable housing even more difficult for low-income residents than it is today.”

- Janet Condron, Former Santa Rosa Mayor

"Our city has done very little to get our homeless off our streets and into permanent housing. They need help obtaining affordable housing, but Measure C fails to assist them."
- Mousa Abbasi, Downtown Santa Rosa Business Owner

"As a single mother, I work hard to provide for my two children. We need affordable housing. Measure C will not help people like me -- it will only make things much worse. No on C!"
- Fabiola Arango, Single Mother and Santa Rosa Resident

"When I first heard about Measure C, it sounded like a good plan to help alleviate rising rents. But when I did my homework and found out that my rental unit will not even qualify for assistance under Measure C, and could actually cause my rent to rise, it's clear that Measure C is the wrong solution to our rental housing crisis."
- Bryan Wims, Santa Rosa Apartment Renter