Rebuttal Argument

Rebuttal to argument in favor of Measure C

One thing we all agree on is the fact that the lack of affordable rental housing in Santa Rosa is a serious problem, but Measure C is the wrong solution.

Measure C won’t address our rental housing crisis – 80% of Santa Rosa’s housing isn’t even covered by Measure C, and as a result, rents will soar. Measure C won’t address homelessness – those who are most in need.

Proponents fail to mention renters and taxpayers are on the hook to pay for part of the cost associated with the new bureaucracy at City Hall – largely by hiring new city employees to enforce Measure C – totaling an estimated $1.4 million annually. 

Taxpayers could be on the hook for millions more through added judicial/bureaucratic hearings and unforeseen public safety costs when handling problem tenants that cannot be evicted for issues such as committing crimes or dealing drugs.

Measure C doesn’t explain or even mention how it will help low-income/homeless residents or require the construction of more affordable housing.

Measure C fails to provide targeted help for those actually in need – low-income families and seniors on waiting lists for housing assistance. 

Measure C is so poorly written that there are no income limits or even priority for low-income renters, so even the wealthiest Santa Rosa resident could qualify for a rental unit covered by Measure C.

Don’t be fooled by lofty claims or empty promises – the fact is, Measure C costs too much, fails to alleviate homelessness, won’t lower rents or provide more affordable housing, and is bad for Santa Rosa.

Vote No on Measure C.

Signed by:
Mark Idhe, Retired Sheriff/Non-Profit Executive
Carolina L. Spence, Senior Advocate
Elizabeth Barron, Tax Advisor/CPA
Janet L. Condron, Former Santa Rosa Mayor
Cecilia Rosas, Renter/Small Business Owner

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