Ballot Argument

Argument against Measure C

Affordable housing is a real problem in Santa Rosa, but Measure C is not the answer. It will cost taxpayers millions, have unintended consequences on neighborhood safety, and will not provide any new affordable housing options for Santa Rosa families.

Measure C will cost taxpayers more than $1.4 million annually and will create a whole new bureaucracy at City Hall.

Measure C does nothing to address homelessness, provide new affordable housing or lower rents.  In fact, 80% of Santa Rosa’s housing supply will not be covered under Measure C.  Renters in single-family homes, condominiums, duplexes, owner-occupied triplexes, and apartments built after 1995 will not be covered by the provisions of Measure C.

The State Legislative Analyst’s Office notes that a policy like Measure C “does very little to address the underlying cost of California’s high housing cost: a shortage of housing.” Their report shows that rent control is not effective at creating affordable housing.  In fact, it could reduce the amount of affordable rental housing in Santa Rosa by reducing turnover and allowing any available housing covered by Measure C to go to residents with higher credit scores and income levels, instead of prioritizing those units for seniors, families and other residents who actually need affordable housing.

Measure C also makes evicting problem tenants virtually impossible. Those who put the safety of their neighbors at-risk by dealing drugs or engaging in other dangerous activities will be safeguarded from evictions, degrading neighborhood quality of life.

Voting No on Measure C is a vote to keep fair and equitable housing for all our residents.  That’s why renters, homeowners, small business owners, seniors and working families have come together to vote No on Measure C.

Don’t be fooled! Measure C won’t address our lack of affordable housing, but it will cost taxpayers.

Vote No on Measure C.

Signed by:
John Sawyer, Santa Rosa City Councilmember
Tom Schwedhelm, Santa Rosa City Councilmember
Ernesto Olivares, Santa Rosa City Councilmember
Sharon Wright, Former Santa Rosa Mayor
Cecilia Rosas, Renter/Small Business Owner

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